Reydeeoh V2

My internet radio site has now been re-written with a Blazor front end. I still have a fair bit to do but it's now available online.

I still need to re-write the meta data module that extracts the song title and artist from the stream and I also need to introduce a way of flagging dead streams.

Another issue I've come across is how browsers like Chrome deal with mixed content. My site is served over https but many of the streams are delvered via http. Chrome automatically tries to upgrade the request to https which causes the request to fail. Some browsers will block active mixed content but allow passive mixed content with a warning. The site will try and play the stream but if the browsers blocks the requests then there is an option to listen to the stream in a http popup player.

Technologies used:
C# 9.0, .Net5, Blazor, EF Core, SQLServer, Async, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, MudBlazor.

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Caterater V2

I've just started learning Blazor so I have decided to completely re-write my Caterater project from the ground up. It's a Blazor server app and obviously still using C# but using .Net5 with a Blazor front end. Not sure that this is the best use case for a Blazor app but it's a good opportunity to learn the basics and get something up and running.

It's going to look pretty much the same as the old version but I'll be making some improvements as I go along. I've changed the region selection to use an SVG image map. I think it's a much more intuitive way of drilling down into the authority data.

I've also decided to make the search options part of the mapping page, accessed via a sliding panel. This way it's easier to amend the search filters without having to go to another web page. I think this should make it easier to use.

Although it's not quite finished I've decided to host the site anyway. I'm not sure whether it will eventually replace my .Net core version yet.

Technologies used:
C# 9.0, .Net5, Blazor, EF Core, SQLServer, Async, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, OpenLayers.

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