I've been playing the National Lottery for years and I always buy a lucky dip ticket for every draw. I have never won a thing. Recently I read an article about the statistical analysis of lottery draw numbers which I found very interesting.

I decided to write something that would predict the winning numbers for the next lottery draw based on the information in the article and my own analysis of previous draws. Of course it's just a bit of fun but it will be interesting to see my rate of success compared to buying lucky dip tickets.

I'm not planning on hosting this at the moment but I may turn it into some sort of mobile app in the future. Probably not with the number predictor element but with all the statistical analysis that may help people select their own numbers.

Technologies used:
C#, .Net Core 2, MVC 6, EF Core, Bootstrap 3, CSS3, HTML5, SQLServer.

Stephen Lockett v1

I've had a website for quite a few years now, it's always been a place where I can play about with a few ideas and teach myself new things. Previous incarnations have been written in html, flash and ASP.NET. For this version I decided to try and make an online skills matrix to supplement my cv and linkedin profile.

Technologies used:
C#, MVC, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript.

This version has now been superceded by this website.

Movie Database v1

I'd been meaning to put together a list of my movies for a while. Originally I was just going to put them into a text document or spreadsheet but I thought it would make an interesting little MVC project. I found a nice API that could provide the movie data so all I needed to do was supply the IMDB movie Id for each film and then save the details in a local SQLServer database.

The film posters are lazy loaded using JQuery in order to speed up the render time.

Technologies used:
C#, MVC5, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, Underscore.js, SQLServer.

This site has now been rewritten and is no longer available. (See Current Projects).


Philippa Lockett's Generations v3

One of my Mum's hobbies was genealogy so I put together a website for her when I was first teaching myself ASP.NET. As I'm now playing around with MVC I decided to re-write it and at the same time try and improve some of the features. This version uses Bootstrap with a dark theme to provide a cleaner, more consistent look.

One of the improvements I've made is to change the individual pedigree charts. In the old version of the site the pedigree charts were just jpeg images created on the fly, in the new version I've created the charts with HTML5 and made them clickable.

Technologies used:
C#, MVC5, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, Javascript.

This site has now been rewritten and is no longer available. (See Current Projects).


Local Health Services

The UK Government have issued a selection of api's that provide data published by central government, local authorities and public bodies. After browsing the list of api's I saw one that provided access to information regarding NHS Hospitals, NHS Clinics, Scocial Care Services, Pharmacies, GP Surgeries and Dental Practices.

I decided to write a website that would allow you to search for health services in your local area. It provided contact information of the service and integrated with Google Maps to show the location. You could use the website to search the data using the organisation name, city, county or partial post code.

Of course, after I had finished the site the api was pulled. If they replace the api with another that provides similar data I will re-write the website at some point. Until then, it remains offline.

Technologies used:
C#, MVC, HTML, CSS, Google Maps, Javascript.

This site is not currently available.